Jake Plays Garden Paws – Episode 01

Welcome to Jake Plays Garden Paws! In this series I will be playing Garden Paws, A Role-Playing Game by Bitten Toast Games. You play as cute animals who explore, craft, gather, and build, as well as run their own farm and shop! It’s a great game and reminds me of a combination of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, two of my favorite game series! Anyway I hope you’ll watch the series and enjoy it! Thanks for watching. Stay Tuned for Episode 02.

*I had to fix sound for Intro and Episode 01, Episode 01’s footage became dark in spots and it’s hard to see what’s happening at night/early morning, but volume is fixed. Original file corrupted so I cannot fix how dark it is at times, but both sound and footage in Episode 02 will be good from the beginning. Thank you for your understanding and patience*

*UPDATE: Fixed the sound and the darkness of the video the best I could, future videos should not have these issues I hope. This is the final version.*



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