EP:45 Super Mario Maker 2


Good Morning everyone! We hope your summer vacations have been fun! Today we got the whole cast together to play some Super Mario Maker 2. We had a ton of fun! This game is really unique and challenging. So much so that We over here at the Arcade Bros have decided to start making Youtube only Super Mario Maker content!It will be shorter than our normal format, but just as packed full of our silly brand of comedy.The First Minisode will Launch July 25th 2019, which is next Thursday, we play a user submitted level from Instagram. Thank you Chris! If anyone else has any levels they would like us to play you can send the codes over on Instagram!

You can download podcast EP:45 Super Mario Maker 2 here!

The footage form this show will be up on Youtube, as soon as it is cut and rendered. Keep your eyes out for it. You wont wanna miss some of the funny stuff that happens during the course clear! But for now you can hear the audio version with the download link above.

This was a big week for the show, many things have gone on, and we covered a bunch of topics, debuted a new segment called The News Brought to you By Jake, Look below for links to the sources, and we gained may new followers on Instagram!!! Thank you everyone for the support and as always if you have any comments or suggestion our contact info is below.

The level code for the Arcade Bro Jake’s Super Mario Maker 2 level is: 1D5-VDD-2CG Let us know how you did on Instagram or at arcadebrospodcast@gmail.com

We also covered a bunch of other stuff like :

Here are the sources from The News Brought to you By Jake, where Jake was kind enough to share some of the reading he does naturally every week. We covered a bunch of stuff in there, here are the links if you wanna do some more reading:

Switch Beefier Battery


Switch Lite Faq


Pokemon Sword and Shield Switch Lite


Southwest Airlines Switch Flight


Rick and Morty Season 4


Mindhunter Season 2


Luigis Mansion 3


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