Minisode EP:2 Super Mario Maker 2 a level by Brunno

Minisode EP:2 Super Mario Maker 2 a level by Brunno

Good afternoon everyone!


This is the Second of hopefully many Super Mario Maker 2 Mini-Episodes (Minisodes), this is sort of a test run for us, but we have gotten more requests to play more levels already so we’ll see how long this series runs.

Today in our second SMM2 Minisode, we are playing a level shared with us via our Instagram from Instagram user @gomenasaaaaaaai or Brunno as he’s known on Super Mario Maker 2. We really enjoyed the level, that hammer kept tripping me up, but Bill seemed to have an easier time of it! It was a lot of fun for us to play! Great Job!! The code for the Level is: RKJ-RYQ-TDG

You can send us your Super Mario Maker 2 Level Codes on our Instagram under one of Super Mario Maker 2 posts @thearcadebros on Instagram or at our e-mail at

Our Super Mario Maker 2 content begins with our full podcast EP:45.…

And as always if you have any comments or suggestions, our contact info is in the above link. Look for more Minisodes in the future we hope!

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