Minisode EP:4 Super Mario Maker 2 a level by Brunno

Minisode EP:4 Super Mario Maker 2 a level by Brunno

Good Morning Everyone!

This is the Fourth of hopefully many Super Mario Maker 2 Mini-Episodes (Minisodes), this is sort of a test run for us as a segment/series, but we have gotten more requests to play more levels already so we’ll see how long this series runs.

Today in our Fourth SMM2 Minisode, we are playing a level shared with us via our Instagram from Instagram user @gomenasaaaaaaai or Brunno on Super Mario Maker 2 Creator Profiles. We really enjoyed the level! Ghosty Goodness! The code for the Level is: D0B-P6Q-74G

You can send us your Super Mario Maker 2 Level Codes on our Instagram under one of Super Mario Maker 2 posts @thearcadebros on Instagram or at our e-mail at

Our Super Mario Maker 2 content begins with our full podcast EP:45.…

And as always if you have any comments or suggestions, our contact info is in the above link. Look for more Minisodes in the future we hope!

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