Episode 47: Diablo IV, Overwatch 2, and Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Episode 47: Diablo IV, Overwatch 2, and Pokemon Sword & Shield.




Hello everyone!!!!It’s been a little while, but Bill and I were finally able to record a full podcast! Inside the episode  we give our thoughts on the announcement of Diablo IV as well as give our live thoughts and reactions to the Cinematic and Game play Trailers. We also talk a little about Overwatch 2, and how it relates to Blizzards handling of their IP’s  and how other AAA Game Development companies like to nickle and dime fans by the use of borderline subversive marketing; like  games full of lazy scantly clad costumed characters designed  with cosplay in mind, to push games that are broken or have zero high end content. Spoiler alert we do not like this lol.

We also talk about Pokemon Sword and Shield and #Dexit (National Dex Controversy.) And our passionate stances on why we need everyone(meaning all 1000 pokemon) or a whole new Pokemon cast in a new region for the newer games. We also go into how Gamefreak is slightly out of touch with whats going on in their genre as well.  And that about sums it up, we hope you’ll give it a listen and that you enjoy the latest episode. And as always our contact information is below if you have any comments or suggestions!

You can download the podcast EP:47 Diablo 4 and Pokemon SwordNShield here!

The YouTube Version will be up in a few days keep your eyes our for it!

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