TCGTime EP:04 A Ton of Magic News and Pokemon Online Codes!!!


happyholidaysGood Morning everyone! Happy Holidays to you all! In this TCGTime, we have seeded this show with 7 Pokemon Online codes! They are scattered throughout the entire episode, please have a pen or paper handy just in case you are interested in them. The codes are first come first serve, Please if you could, try to limit it to one code per person. This TCGTime was full of Magic the Gathering topics covering everything from the Oko bans, Budget decks in Pioneer, and all the cool stuff that happened with the Arena client. The Pokemon TCG news is rather light right now, as the game is waiting for the next set in February. Despite this we were still able to cover a few cool announcements for the Pokes. The YouTube version of this show, should be coming in a day or two. Keep your eyes out. As always if you have any comments or suggestions our contact info is below.

Over the course of the next few weeks we are going on our Holiday break. Even though we will be celebrating with our loved ones, there will still be a few things coming from us over Christmas and New Years. Keep your eyes peeled. We are pretty sure there will be a box opening for some Pokemon cards at the very least!! Then come the new year we will be back in the studio recording our 50th! podcast episode and a ton of video content for the YouTube channel.  We are super pumped that this year is shaping up to be amazing here at The Arcade Bros and we can not do it with out you guys! ❤ much love to you all!

You can download podcast TCGTime EP:04 A Ton of Magic News and Pokemon Online Codes here!

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